The Rules Selecting Men Belt And Wearing Skills

The Rules Selecting Men Belt And Wearing Skills

      Changes in belt trends are largely caused by hooks and buckles. The shape and size of the hooks also show the charm of men. Pure gold hooks are usually associated with words such as noble. The copper hooks let people appreciate the masculinity and strength of men, and the wide "back"-shaped buckles fully show the fortitude of men. The oval buckle shows the maturity of men, and the square represents the taste of men.

      Common belts on the market include pig leather, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile leather, and casual canvas belts. Belts of various textures show a variety of styles due to different processing processes.

  Pigskin and sheepskin look softer after being stripped and layered; cowhide has a feeling of stiff bones; crocodile skin is a higher-grade choice. The embossing and texture effect on the belt make it more attractive and distinctive. The frosted belt, which is perforated with hemp rope on the edge, makes people feel the beauty of fineness in the rough and bold.

   When choosing belts, men consider the decorativeness of the belts and generally do not hang too many items. Because simplicity and competence are the characteristics of men. The length of the belt is between the first and second trouser loops, and the width and thinness should be kept at three centimeters. If the belt is too narrow, it will lose the masculine masculinity; if it is too wide, it is only suitable for casual, denim style clothing.

   1. Judging the quality of a men's belt is mainly based on the feel. Generally speaking, cowhide is divided into two layers. The first layer is softer and has an epidermis; the second layer does not have an epidermis, so a layer of artificial leather is usually pressed, so that only the lower layer is leather, and the upper layer is not leather. . The first layer leather belt feels softer and usually more expensive, while the second layer leather belt feels harder.

       2. Compared with the second-layer leather belt, the first-layer leather belt will have a longer service life. The artificially pressed layer of the second-layer leather belt will have cracks after a long time. At this time, the belt can no longer be used. . The belts currently on the market priced at RMB 1,000 or more are generally top-layer leather belts.

  3. Generally speaking, business-style belt buckles are more concise, too fancy will look very feminine, without business temperament. The quality of a belt does not lie in the size of the logo on the belt buckle. In European culture, business people are very low-key and reserved, but they will dress very well. Their first concern is that they are comfortable to wear, and their clothing and shoes, belts The colors and materials are perfectly matched. Therefore, the key to the style of the belt depends on how it matches the style of clothing.

   4. In fact, the first impression is very important in business situations. A belt with good texture and fashionable style can indeed reflect a person's taste. For example, thin belts are more popular this year. But in business occasions, it is better to choose a black simple belt that is safer, safer, and quite satisfactory. When attending a party with business partners in the evening, you can choose a belt with a slightly lively style to highlight your personal style.

   5. The belt is a consumable, it will be broken if it is used for a long time. Normally, you only need to wipe it with a professional leather care agent. You can't wipe it with a detergent containing strong alkali. It needs to be moisturized just like leather shoes. In fact, the best way to maintain the belt is to prepare a few more belts, such as black belts, brown belts, beige belts, etc., which can be used in turns, which can be matched with pants of different colors. As long as the belt is changed frequently, no special care is required under normal circumstances.

  The matching of the belt

   The belt is selected well, and it must be well matched. Different types of men's belts are not the same. The classic man is composed, calm, and reserved, while the classic belt is simple, pure and tough. The noble calfskin belt body and gold and silver gloss, the matte metal buckle inherits the tradition, the details are slightly changed, and the atmosphere of the times is implicitly revealed without losing the classic character.

  For example, the combination of a classic black belt and silver-white buckle can show the simplicity and clarity of a man. Of course it is one of the essential accessories for men.

  Romantic man always attracts the attention of many women. The belts they wear will naturally be richer in color and embellishment will be slightly more. However, the romance of a man is different from the emotional ups and downs of a woman, he is more silent and reserved. Therefore, men's belts are not as changeable as women, but they are clear at a glance. Its changes are subtle and subtle. The slender model and the pastel colors make it easy to hit a romantic man.

   Free, unrestrained, energetic male charm is irresistible, they will naturally turn their attention to those accessories that show heroic personality. The thick-lined denim belts and woven leather belts all reflect the extraordinary masculinity. Two different materials, linen and leather, are woven together, and they work seamlessly together. Although not luxurious, they also reflect the strong temperament of men.

   Several details should be paid attention to when tying the belt

   1. The decorativeness of the belt is the first, so you can't carry too many items. Simplicity and competence are the characteristics of men.

  Second, the length of the belt should not be neglected. After the belt is fastened, the end should be between the first and second trousers.

   3. The width of the belt should be kept at three centimeters. Too narrow will lose masculine masculinity; too wide is only suitable for casual, denim style attire.
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