How do You Match Men's Belt

How do You Match Men's Belt

    The belt is not only a functional accessory that is fastened around the waist to prevent the pants from slipping off, but also one of the indispensable accessories for most men's lives, which can improve the completion of the modeling.Through the choice of different materials and styles, you can also show your distinctive style, creating a handsome look. This is also one of the reasons why the belt will not be ignored when it comes to matching. Next, we will combine the direction of leather shoes to talk about how leather belts need for men.

1.Let the 5:5 figure become the 6:4 figure to create a tall and straight figure. In addition to changing the ratio of leg length, a belt can also modify the 6:4 ratio of the body. A suitable belt can locate the waist height and highlight the function of the ratio of the legs. By fixing the pants, the division between the lower body and the upper body can be clearly positioned. The ratio of the body can be 6:4, make the legs look longer, and modify the abdomen. This is one of the reasons why belts are often used in matching.

men belt

2.Increase the sense of layering in the outfit. Similar outfits have more layered because of the addition of belts as a demarcation. Although the belt only occupies a small proportion of the whole body, it can visually make the body have a clear layered, thereby bringing out the upper body layered, giving more changes to the figure. Compare two similar outfits through the picture below. Wear one more belt to make the style more prominent.

men leather belt

Belt Color Matching 

     Leather shoes and belts echo each other. The material and color of the belt are the keys, and leather shoes are the closest echoes to the belt. The simplest match is to choose a belt in the same color as the leather shoes, which can visually make people feel the orderly consistency. 

      The belt echoes other items, as well as other accessories and clothing items, is also a matching direction. It is cleverly matched with casual shoes, as shown in the following figure. The colors of the tie, handbag, and belt are echoed, and with white casual shoes, it presents a casual style exclusively for mature men.

men belt

      So how to choose a suitable belt? There are thousands of combinations from buckle differences to detailed strap design and even thickness changes.

Choose belt from dressing style

1.If it is a gentleman's style, "detailed and simple" is the direction of choosing a belt for a gentleman's style. For a gentleman or a business match, it will be a gentler visual performance. Therefore, in our understanding of matching skills, the choice of belts should be based on "detailed and simple" as much as possible and avoid matching accessories with too strong personality.


How to distinguish a gentleman's belt?

Formal belts or gentleman style-oriented belts will have a very simple appearance. Simple style belts with strong personal styles are usually avoided. They are most suitable for formal wear and gentleman style.

2.If it is a rough style, "rough and thick" is the direction of choosing a belt. Solidity, stiffness, and old-fashioned treatment are the selection principles of the rough style. The rough style avoids too detailed and delicate accessories, which are easy to appear abrupt. When we are in the category of casual collocation, if we want to make our styling look more masculine and rugged, or even full of masculinity, we usually choose jeans, denim materials, military jackets, leather jackets, khaki pants, etc. that feel solid or even slightly weight and full of stiff style item.

men belt

     When choosing a belt, the shiny buckle of the belt details is more suitable for gentlemen or formal matching. Buckles full of mottled feeling are more suitable for rough frock and tannin styles. For a gentleman's belt, the shiny buckle will be an important indicator, and the belt will be more refined and simpler. However, if it is a matching style that emphasizes masculine and rough temperament such as frock, military uniform, and tannins, the belt buckle full of weight and the mottled strap will be more suitable, and it is not even limited to the cowhide material.