How To Shorten The Belt That Is Too Long?

How To Shorten The Belt That Is Too Long?

    The belt is an indispensable accessory for men to wear and match, and it is also an important fashion element. Although the belt is often hidden in our waist, it will occasionally be exposed. At this time, if the belt is matched well, it can naturally let you enhance a lot of charm. So how to cut the belt if it is long?

How to shorten the automatic buckle belt?


Tools: Scissors

Material: Automatic buckle belt


1.Use scissors to pry open the fixed teeth on the back as shown in the picture. Be careful not to scratch the belt buckle.

2.Pull out the belt, you can see the indentation of the belt head part pressed by the fixed teeth. As shown in the picture.

3.Compare your waist circumference and cut off the extra parts according to the required length. Pay attention to the belt head part instead of the belt tail, as shown in the picture. The actual cut part should be longer than the length of your waist, leaving room for it.

4.Recombine the belt and the buckle, as shown in the picture. Press the fixed teeth, the buckle will automatically tighten the body.

How to shorten the needlepoint belt?

Tool materials
Tools: scissors, hole punch, hammer
Material: needlepoint belt


1.Locate the fixing screw at the buckle position on the back of the belt, and use a screwdriver to loosen the fixing screw in a counterclockwise direction.

2.Remove the fixing screws and put them away. Pay attention to the screws. Pull out the belt. Compare your waist circumference and choose the length you need. Cut off the excess with scissors according to the required length. It is suggested that you can cut the length slightly longer than the actual length.

3.Compare the position of the small hole of the buckle with a puncher on the same position of the belt head and knock a hole with a hammer. Pay attention the puncher should be placed vertically When punching holes, otherwise the holes will be oblique, which will affect the appearance.

4.Align and install the small holes of the belt head and the small holes of the buckle as they are.

5.Tighten the screws with a screwdriver。