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Mens Slide Belts Genuine Leather

Mens Slide Belts Genuine Leather

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Item: Mens Slide Belts Genuine Leather 


Material: Genuine Leather

Length: 125cm

Width: 3.5cm


The pleasant no-holes belt is at your fingertips. This fusion of performance and fashion makes use of BeltBuy Belt's music system, a core function of your favourite no-holes belt. Something you use each day must work extremely good so make certain it is a BeltBuy Belt.

Materials: 35mm steel buckle. 125cm genuine leather

*Beltbuy Belts are made to be without problems custom-made so if it is too massive you can regulate it. 

How to set up your slide belt:

Before reducing your slide Belt, please wholly study our assurance and return policy.

The again of each and every leather-based slide belt are effortless to point out the place to reduce for one’s waist size.

Determine your waist dimension and add two inches. Since sizing varies throughout brands, we advocate slicing the strap two sizes large than your waist size, and then decreasing the size as necessary.

Using a good, sturdy pair of scissors, reduce the strap at the dimension beforehand determined.

Attach the buckle by means of clamping the entice door down on the reduce quit of the strap. The enamel on lure door will impervious the buckle to the strap.

Try on your slide belt. If it is nevertheless too lengthy for your liking, detach the buckle from the strap and reduce again. Repeat till your slide belt hugs your waist simply like you want.

If you are having problem detaching the buckle from the unfinished, reduce quit of the strap, attempt the use of a object to pry open the lure door.


Shipping time varies from destination to destination. The men slide belt genuine leather is shipped by SF Express. The shipping time will take 7-10 days. Regarding to shipping time, if you have any questions, just let us know.


We accpet credit card and paypal payment. If you have any other question, let us know as well

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