6 Next Important Tips for Wearing a Tactical Belt 2021

6 Next Important Tips for Wearing a Tactical Belt

Have you decided not to use leather and chose a tactical belt?

pretty good idea! However, these belts are slightly different from the regular belts you are used to, so you need to know some tips, tricks, etc. Of course, this is not a missile operation; most people will see these things for themselves.

However, if you want to make the most of your tactical belt, here are some tips on using belts for Bigfoot Gun Belts. We will know because we know! The correct size tactical belt.It seems obvious, but choosing the right size when ordering a tactical belt is actually very important. This is also important when you order belts. It is also important when ordering shirts, shoes or other items from Bigfoot Gun Belts. In fact, the wrong size is the reason for almost all returns of Bigfoot Gun Belts.

Therefore, we recommend that you do the following before buying: Prepare a tape or rope about 5 feet long. Pass the tape measure (or rope) through the belt loop and pull it slightly. If you need to use the tip, mark where it will overlap. The size you will receive is your waist size and should be worn when ordering. belt.

Don't ask about pants size. Using IWB holsters requires an inch or two of extra space, so be sure to take this into consideration.Choose the right size, and your belt will look better. When you lose weight, you have more leeway...to a certain extent. When buying a gun belt, some people worry about what will happen if they lose weight. Here you spent a lot of money to buy a belt, but it was useless later, because you are missing, you have to buy another one, there is good news and bad news. There is room for maneuver. The bad news is that this is only to a certain extent. So the good news is: you can tighten your belt slightly and wear it when you take it off.

Our tactical belts come in a variety of sizes, each about 4 inches. If your waistband size is in the middle or higher range of this range, suppose you have a waist circumference of 39 inches and order a large size that fits 37-40 inches, then you can stretch it tighter. If you wear a belt, clip it in the hole in the middle of the belt, about an inch on each side to allow the belt to come out, so if you lose 5 or 10 pounds, you don’t have to buy some of us to wear for vacation I put on a new belt, but since you can also save money, it helps a lot. We did it. I really want to buy a new belt... but look at it this way.

The new wardrobe is a reward for hard work. Diligence and discipline will help you maintain it. How to use the tactical belt quick release buckleOne of the advantages of a typical tactical belt is the quick release buckle. This is a great feature, but some people find it difficult, they didn't use it properly.

This is how to do it.

Please keep the buckle closed when putting on the waist belt.

Pull the tail completely out of the buckle.

You need to pass the ponytail through the loop of the belt and then through the buckle. Then hook the ponytail to fully secure the belt.

If you wear such a belt, what is the point of the quick release buckle?

How are you going to use it?When you take off or take off your pants, but put them on again. If you wear the same pair of pants for a day or two before washing, please fasten the buttons and return them the next day. Or, if you have to answer the call of the wild, it will be much easier for you to put on your pants. Wear the tactical belt backwards.

What is another important tip for wearing a tactical belt?

Your belt, turn that thing over, right? ! Did the smell of leather finally make you lost? ! The tail of a typical tactical belt is to the right, and the tail of a typical belt is to the left.With a leather strap, the tail is generally not too long; the longest almost reaches the front pocket of the pants. On tactical straps, the tail is often longer, and there is a Velcro strap on the inside of the tail that can be attached to the rest of the strap.

A typical IWB holster involves attaching the holster to the belt before attaching. For right-handed people...how do you do it when the end of the strap is on the right side? Flip the belt! When the tail is on the left, the way you tie the strap has changed, that is, you use Velcro and buckles instead of normal toe closures, but there is no difference. Cry once and see, it’s not that we don’t know that there are many tactics
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