When choosing clothes, we will use dressing techniques to reflect the body curve and reshape the hourglass figure. The belt is a tool for creating curves. For example, a belt will suit a tunic, a spacious oversized dress or a shirt cut. It will make the waist more pronounced.

     Please note that the wrong outfit may make your figure look more bloated than it actually is!


     A belt can effectively complement an image and hide some physical flaws, but it can also ruin the overall impression. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a belt and what criteria to use as a guide. When choosing a product, first consider the figure. There is no doubt that choosing the right size is important and correct.


     There are two ways to wear belt: around the waist or at the hips. Therefore, before choosing the size of the belt, determine in advance where you want to place it. Based on this, you need to use a measuring tape to measure your waist or buttocks. The size obtained will be equal to the distance from the buckle to the punch hole. By adding about 10 cm to this number, you will find the optimal length of the product.

     You can also measure the length of the trouser belt to get your belt size. There are forms on the Internet that make it easy to determine your size based on the measurements.

Choose a belt according to your FIGURE

     One of the most important criteria when choosing a belt is the complexion and type of figure. If the right accessories are selected, it can successfully correct the existing shortcomings and highlight the advantages. Let's find a belt that fits a particular figure to make it look as attractive as possible.

APPLE shaped

     This figure has wide buttocks, abdomen and shoulders, and the buttocks are especially prone to accumulate fat. For this figure, it's probably the hardest to choose. So how women wear a belt with this type of figure. It is recommended to choose high-waisted clothing styles. Place the belt above your waistline, recreate the waistline to show slimness. Please avoid wearing a belt on your hips! Otherwise, it will only make the hips look wider. Thick belts will be cumbersome. So you still have to choose a thinner belt, which can add points to your image. If you have a "little apple" body shape and short stature, a big belt may be more suitable!

PEAR shaped

     Women with a pear-shaped body have broader hips than the waist and shoulders. It is recommended to wear a wide waistband and place it on the waist to bring out the chest and shoulders and recreate the X-shaped figure. Lowering the waistband to the hips is undesirable because it will draw attention to the hips and emphasizes the width of the hips.

Inverted triangle body shape

     Women with an inverted triangle body have broader shoulders than the hips and waist. For this figure, it is recommended that the waistband be tied to the hips, so that the hips can visually balance the size of the shoulders.

Rectangular body shape

     The rectangular body shape is characterized by a straight silhouette with not many curves, shoulders, and hips of similar width, little to no waist definition and very long legs. The shoulders, chest and hip are fairly uniform. It is recommended to wear a belt around the waist and tighten the belt slightly so that the shoulders and hips will look wider than the waist.

Hourglass  body shape

     The hourglass body shape has a similar width to the hip and shoulders, and the waist is well-defined. You can wear a belt on your waist or hips. Tie the belt at the waist to highlight the waistline and at the buttocks to increase the proportion of the buttocks, both of which are conducive to showing the body line. You can choose a thick or a thin belt depending on your overall style of dress.


     Jeans are a kind of classic. Fashion trends are changing, trends are replacing each other, and jeans replenish women's wardrobes all the time. If you are wondering if the belt goes with jeans, you can dispel your doubts. This element is not only a spectacular addition to jeans, it can also become one of the cornerstones of the entire clothing portfolio. But only if you choose the right one.

     If you want to wear jeans to work, and you want to match it with a belt, but you are not sure which belt to wear, go for the classic. The choice of casual suits can be genuine leather, high-quality artificial leather, natural and synthetic fabrics and other materials. Rhinestones, huge buckles and other interesting decorations are also acceptable to match jeans. Light-colored jeans with a black belt are not recommended. If you want to achieve maximum harmony in appearance, pay attention to the metal color of watch bracelets and belt buckles. They must match. For simple and classic style jeans, it is best to choose a large belt with various inserts and patterns.


     With trouser suits or dress pants, it is customary to wear a strict buckle belt with a width of no more than 4 cm. Classic trousers are mainly made of suit fabrics: wool,tweed,etc. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of leather when wearing dress pants. For trousers made of corduroy or raincoat fabric, any kind of belt made from a wide variety of materials is acceptable. For summer trousers, a relatively thin or wide style with massive spectacular fasteners is appropriate, regardless of the cut. For the colors, the classic leather variation is undoubtedly a universal solution. If you do not know which belt to wear with trousers for a brighter and more fun look, choose an expressive color that are appropriate for the season. Traditionally, the belt should be combined with shoes or a bag in any suit. For women the belt can be matched to the color of pants, neckerchief or jewelry. When choosing colors, look for accessories that match the color of the pants with tone and pattern to visually make the waist look narrower.


     If you want to highlight the adornment effect of the belt, we can separate the color of the belt from the color of the clothes and use two color series. If the color of the dress is dark, you can choose a light-colored belt. If the color of the clothes is light, the color of the belt should be darkened moderately. However, the belt is used for decoration, don't choose too bright colors, Rose red, green and so on to avoid, otherwise it will be counterproductive. A pure color dress is the most commonly need belts, so that you can highlight the waistline and will not look too short or too fat. Of course, if you want a dignified and elegant temperament, it is best to choose this belt with the same color as the clothes. The design of the metal buckle is also very textured, and you can choose a wide one to better outline the body lines, even if the color is the same, it can also highlight the waist, especially when wearing a more colorful skirt, there are few appropriate belt colors, then this time choose the same color is OK. When we wear a shirt dress, often look fat, because many of them are straight, without waist, and shirt material is relatively wide, not so self-cultivation, then we need a belt. The shirt skirt with a belt retains the capable aura and the sweetness and elegance of the dress. And the position of the belt is just right to create the perfect proportions and lengthen the lines of the legs. The belt that matches the shirt skirt should be draped. Do not use cotton that is easy to wrinkle, it will look a little sloppy. A draped and texture belts will have a better effect. For some literary style cotton and linen skirts suggest a thin belt. You can choose a slightly prominent color for the thin belt, like a white skirt with khaki brown, which is good-looking. The wide belt is more obtrusive. There are some women who think that wearing a printed dress sometimes cover the waist, but they don’t know which belt to choose. Indeed, printed dress is usually limited by patterns and it is more difficult to choose belts. You can try to choose a belt that is like the print or the same color as the clothes. For long dresses and dresses of medium length, it is better to take wider belts.


     The simple basic shirt comes with a capable aura. With a belt it will not only a bit more feminine, but also slimmer, easily breaking the original sense of seriousness and formality of the shirt. It can be easily hold whether it is the workplace or on the street. If you put on an oversized shirt and pulling it with a belt will be quite logical. While you can simply tuck it partially into trousers or jeans, or simply open the collar and roll up the sleeves, this will also avoid the impression of a shapeless flap. Woven belts look especially harmonious with tunic shirts. Pay attention to the combination of metal buckle and jewelry, because in this case it will be clearly visible.


     The suit jacket is very simple, with a sense of three-dimensional shape, its color system is diverse, and the belt can show a gentle and pure feminine charm. For women with slightly fat upper body, when choosing a belt collocation, they need to tie it loosely, so that the curve can be made slightly. The combination of elegant skirts and suit jackets will weaken the sense of rigor of the suit a lot and look elegant and charming. If it is a relatively low-key color, you can match the color with a very beautiful color in the choice of the belt. If the colors of suits and trousers are relatively low-key, then the waistband is decorated in a neutral color system, so that it seems that the waistline can also be cut to optimize the proportion of the figure more perfect. Pair it with a suit jacket, showing an elegant and ladylike style, with a double-layer thin belt design, you can also highlight the figure very well. And like this kind of outfit combination, it is also very popular in elegant and fashionable outfits.




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