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How to Improve Taste With Men Belt

Regarding the temperament and taste of men, not only clothes, pants, shoes, socks, etc., in fact, there are various accessories are more important, such as watches, cufflinks, ties, belts, glasses and so on. If the watch is the first facade, then the belt is regarded as the second facade of men and a symbol of a man's status. Therefore, choosing a suitable belt can improve a man's taste in wear.

     A belt is a practical accessory that is positioned in the middle of the body and separates the upper/lower part of the body. For a long time, the belt has been an important element of men's fashion and the finishing touch of style. Therefore, we need to take the time to find out about the types of belts that we can match. Let’s start with the size of the belt.

Belt Size

                                               belt size

     The most basic thing is to choose a belt size that fits your waist. The size of the belt should be two inches larger than the pants. After the belt is fastened, the end should be between the first and second pants loops. The length of the belt is between the first and second pant loops, you can measure your waist circumference. For example, if your waist circumference is 90cm, then the longest choice for the belt is 90+90/4 = 112.5. (Why divide by 4? Because the most suitable length of the belt is shown in the figure above, and the extra length shown in the figure above is less than 1/4 of the waist circumference) The shortest length of the belt, I think it should be waist circumference + 15cm. In other words, if the waist circumference is 90cm, the belt can be selected from105cm to 115cm. The specific length can be determined according to your own habits. Be careful not to measure your waist close to your body, but to measure the waist circumference on the outside of the pants, so that the measured length will be more appropriate. The width of the belt should be kept within 3-3.5 cm, not too wide or too thin.

     If you are sure of your belt size, let us find out the type of belts through the article below and know what styles you can match. Here, they are broadly classified into four categories.


     The most basic form of a belt can be seen as a dress belt. It is about 2.5-3.5cm thick and has a certain glossiness. It is a belt made of leather material and fine stitching. Dress belts are used in formal business occasions. They are generally matched with suits. They are simple, traditional, and precise. They don’t need too many patterns and unique personality. The design and color should be consistent with leather shoes. Black leather belts with better texture are more versatile. It is recommended to prepare one by hand. It is mainly black or dark brown, the leather surface is bright and smooth, and the side of the belt is best to have edge banding and stitching to appear formal. The buckle cannot be inlaid with a huge logo, preferably a pin buckle. Pin buckle belts generally have 5 holes, and the outer two holes are not suitable for use.


   Suede belts are also suitable for men's suits and casual looks because of the quality of the material. In fact, in addition to the street looks, it matches well with most shirt/slacks styles. However, it should be noted that the suede belt is located between the casual belt and the formal belt. It can be used as a summer outfit with cotton shorts or linen pants or white denim. There are many suede belts in various primary colors on the market. Due to the advantages of color, the price of suede is higher and the thickness is similar to that of dress belts, or a little thinner. There are a few simple rules for casual belt matching. it can be applied to any casual look. A thin belt goes well with a slim/skinny fit, and a wide belt goes well with an overfit. Slim men are more suitable for a 3cm wide belt. For overweight men, you can choose a 3cm or 3.5cm wide belt. If it is too thin, it will be inconsistent with the body. If it is too wide, the waist will be rounder. For a casual look, it is not necessary to match the color of the shoes and the belt. However, if you match the material of the shoes and the belt, you can give a sense of stability. In addition, dress belts should not be used in casual wear. Casual belts generally have less luster and wider widths than dress belts. The design direction is also different. The advantage of a casual belt is that it goes well with a variety of styles based on clean and simple lines and basic colors. It goes well with casual look, street look and business casual look. Black or brown leather belts are the representative color belts that go best with denim. Woven Belt men belt Woven belts are also called webbing belt, which made of fabric. Usually, woven belts are made of leather, but they are often made of cotton, nylon, or knitted materials, but the price is very cheap compared to suede and leather. It falls into the category of the most casual belts along with the cotton/nylon belts. In the case of a solid leather woven belt, it can be matched like a casual leather belt, matching the color of your pants, or you can choose a neutral color that complements or softens the top/bottom to match it. Cotton / Nylon Belt Cotton / nylon belts are the most casual belt style, and because of the lightness of the material, it is mainly used in the spring/summer season. It is also called a canvas belt, and the great feature of this belt is its flexibility due to the light material. The point is that the ring-shaped D-buckle is used a lot. Because it is a woven fabric, it can design various patterns and colors to express casual. Which color and which design should be chosen depends on the color of the pants, or you can coordinate with the neutral color of the top/bottom or the complementary color.
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