How To Make A New Hole in a Leather Belt?

How To Make A New Hole in a Leather Belt?

     Belts are very commonly used accessories in life. There is a kind of sadness that cannot find a suitable belt hole. Generally, this situation is either too slim or too plump. If you buy a belt that does not fit your waistline, you need to punch it yourself. Although there are many different ways to perforate leather, simply puncturing the leather may cause the holes to tear during use. In this article, you will see the methods for punching holes on the belt.

Methods For Punching Holes:

1.Measuring the Holes

No matter which method of hole-making you choose, you must first measure and mark the location. Use a ruler or measuring device to mark the location of the new hole with a pen.

2.Adding Rounded Holes on the belt

Use the tools for punching holes on the belt.

Tools For Punching Holes:

1.Punch needle

This kind of hole punch is simple in appearance, low in price, and very simple to use. When using the belt, place the belt on a wooden board, align the thinner end of the punching needle at the position that needs to be punched, and use a hammer and other striking tools to strike down from the thicker section.

2.Professional punching pliers

This tool is the most common style, with various sizes of punch specifications, the design of the entire punch is also very beautiful, and it is very convenient to use. According to the size of the small holes on the waist belt, find the corresponding size punching needle from the puncher. Put the belt in the punching pliers, after adjusting the position, firmly hold the handle and clamp it down, and a small hole will be punched out. It is difficult to find the difference from other round holes from the appearance.

      Different brands of belt styles will be different, and the specific punching methods may also be different, but they are basically the same. Although the hole punch is simple and easy to use, and you can operate it at home, it is not recommended that you punch high-end belts at home. After all, you are not a professional. Improper operation may cause belt holes to vary in size and leather of wear. The leather repair shops on the street are also unreliable. Generally, they can only undertake the punching service of ordinary belts. Therefore, it is recommended that you still give your high-end belts to a professional luxury repair and maintenance organization to be more assured.

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