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How To Measure Belt Waist Size

Using belts to match clothing correctly can add a lot to the overall look. The belt is used cleverly to make people look thin and beautiful. Like a suitable accessory, the belt can brighten the whole body. However, when buying belts, especially online shopping, how to choose the size. Today we will talk about how to measure the size of the belt.

The belt length refers to the distance from inside edge of the belt buckle to the middle punch hole. It is the hole where the belt buckle can be buckled in the middle. Not the first punch hole, nor the last punch hole. As shown:

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The method of measuring belt size:

Measuring by Waist Size

Wear a pair of pants that fit. For example, if your pants are mostly high-waisted pants, choose the high-waisted pants that you usually wear. If your pants are mostly mid-waist pants, choose mid-waist pants.

1. Use a tailor's measuring tape. Put the measuring tape through the pan loop and measure it around. Pinch the two sides together where they meet in front and write down the size. Don't breathe hard when measuring your waist, and don't tighten your pants tightly, otherwise a belt of the wrong size will make you breathless.

2.According to the measurement result, add two inches to the size of your belt. For example, if the tape measure reads 26 inches (66cm), you need to buy a 28-inch (71cm) belt. Women and men’s belts size is different, since women are more petite in size than men. It may be necessary for you to view a sizing chart that can help you determine the correct size when buying.

Measuring an Existing Belt

1. Find a well-fitting belt, that is a belt that can be fastened with the third punch hole of the belt. Generally, after the belt is fastened, the end tip should be between the first and second pants loops.

2. Extend the belt fully and place it on a flat table or floor.

3. Measure from the bottom of the belt buckle to the center punch hole with a measuring tape.

4.The number of the measurement of the belt will be the size you order your new belt.

Enlist the help of a tailor

A professional tailor or clothing store employee will help you find out what your true belt size with no mistakes.








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