How to Start Using Men Belts

How to Start Using Men Belts

A men's belt is a special garment accessory that can highlight the individuality and style of its owner, especially a belt made by hand from premium genuine leather.

Today, belts have gone from a strictly utilitarian object to a fashionable accessory. In general, at least four types of men's belts can be distinguished:

  •  classic;
  •  daily;
  •  sports;
  •  informal (casual).

Their colors, styles, and finishes are all different.

Classic Belts

A classic belt is a staple of pants in combination with a formal dress code. Minimalism and modesty in details are inherent in it. A belt like this should look great without drawing undue attention to itself. "As for the quality of the belts, the material and the manufacturing process are important," says Luca Faloni, founder of the Italian luxury brand of the same name.

Usually, semi-matte or polished leather with a dense texture and a smooth base is used for these belts. Common colors of classic and daily belts are brown or black. A distinctive feature of a classic belt is its size. The standard width of the classic belt is 28 to 32 mm wide.

The buckle is usually made in the form of a standard "frame" of polished metal. The belt buckle should be smooth and utilitarian without any decoration. When wearing a classic belt, the color of your belt and your shoes must match. The same rule applies to the buckle. Match accessories like a watch, bracelet, or cufflinks to match the belt buckle.

Men belts

Daily Belts

There are no special requirements for daily belts, which are mainly practical and comfortable to wear. The color of this belt depends on the style of clothing.  Daily belts can be paired with trousers, jeans, or breeches. The best material for making daily belts is solid, textured leather. Of course, the daily belt is wider than the classic one, with an average of 35-42 mm.

Sports Belts

Sports belts are made of rubber, rubber, or fabric. The main task of a sports belt is to securely fix clothes when playing sports. Sports belt width can vary from 3 to 5 centimeters. Buckles for such belts are made of lightweight plastic, less of metal.

Men belt Sport belt

Informal Belts

First of all, it is a fashionable accessory. Such a belt is usually decorated with additional decorative elements in the form of rivets and chains. The size and color of informal belts do not play a special role.

Informal belts are fixed with various types of plastic or metal buckles of various types. Buckle styles range from simple monochrome trim to meticulously decorate items with embossed images and colorful logos.

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