Men's Belt - How To Choose a Stylish and Comfortable Accessory

Men's Belt - How To Choose a Stylish and Comfortable Accessory


In the wardrobe of a man, even if he is a stylish person who follows fashion trends, there are few things that can give an image of exclusivity and originality. That is why it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of accessory.

It should be borne in mind that men's fashion is more conservative, in contrast to the fast-paced and enchanting women's. A man's wardrobe is updated less often, each item is selected as scrupulously as possible. Let's figure out how to choose a men's belt.


1 Interesting facts about men's accessory

2 Main types of belts

3 Types of belt buckles

4 How to choose a leather belt - professional advice

5 How to determine the size of a men's belt

6 How to wear a men's belt 7 A few words about storing men's belts

8 Summing up


Interesting facts about men's accessory

In the ancient world, the presence of a belt in a man indicated his status, belonging to a rich class, they kept money and valuables in it. The belt was of particular importance for a knight - it was a symbol of honor and valor, and the loss of this detail of the image was equated with shame. Today, everyone can buy a belt, while demonstrating individuality, a sense of taste and style. The main thing is to understand how to choose a belt and correctly fit the item into a business or casual look. A belt in the modern world of fashion is more of a decorative detail of the image, as well-chosen trousers, regardless of style and style, stay on the figure without additional details.

Main types of belts

As a rule, fashion designers distinguish three main types of men's belts : classic, informal (casual) and sports. Distinguishing belts is quite simple, just remember a few principles:

belts of the classic group - the form is made in the style of minimalism, the colors are restrained, there are no unnecessary details;

belts of an informal group - made in a free style, original shapes, bright colors are allowed;

sports group belts - made of rubber, fabric or rubber, they pick up such belts for jeans or sportswear and must be hidden under a T-shirt or sweater

Types of belt buckles

The image of a man, regardless of style, suggests restraint, the best choice is a buckle of a simple shape, without unnecessary details. Every man should adhere to the main philosophical trend in clothing - minimalism.

Today, in fashionable men's accessories stores, you can pick up a belt for trousers with two types of buckles:

  1. on the reverse side of the anchors, in this case, holes are needed on the belt;

  2. with a clip - the length of the men's belt is adjusted using a special mechanism, there are no holes on the belt.

How to choose a leather belt

Agree that today it is not difficult to find a beautiful, expensive belt, but choosing a belt for a man that meets all the wishes is a real test. First of all, you need to determine for what purpose you are buying an accessory. If the belt will perform the simple function of supporting trousers, perhaps all the recommendations of the experts will not be required. But, if you want the belt to become an exquisite accessory and decorate your wardrobe for a long time, consider certain nuances.

- Determine what style of clothing the belt is matched to - it can be a universal product or a belt for a specific look.

- Before looking for a belt, measure the width of the loops on your trousers so that you don’t mistakenly buy a belt that is too wide. It is also necessary to measure the waist

- this is a fundamental criterion when buying an accessory.

Another important criterion for choosing leather for a belt is its quality. A universal rule that applies to all things is that a product made of high-quality material looks stylish and lasts longer.

Here are the recommendations of professionals on how to choose a trouser belt:

the material of the belt must be soft, after the surface is broken, there are no cracks and dents on it;

gently run your fingernail along the inside of the product, a small mark will remain on the high

-quality product, otherwise the skin is old and the belt will have to be thrown away rather quickly;

look at the product for protruding threads and not stitched areas;

if the belt is made of artificial leather, its edges will be neatly folded and stitched;

for a product made of natural material, the edges are cut off and not processed;

a special film is applied to the surface of the artificial product, which gives the accessory additional smoothness, but in the process of wearing this top layer will be erased, the product will lose its aesthetic appeal;

the buckle should move freely, on a quality product the anchor has a rounded edge, this is necessary so as not to damage the clothes;

if there are rivets on each hole, you need to check whether the material comes out of the fittings when bent;

all additional parts must be well fixed, the life of the belt depends on this;

many, when deciding which belt to choose, prefer to purchase a product of a well-known brand, however, in this case there is no need to overpay

- if you are convinced that the product is of high quality, feel free to buy it.

How to determine the size of a men's belt

Knowing how to choose the size of a belt for a man will help not only men to acquire high-quality and beautiful products, but also women who want to please their other half with a great gift.

To find out the size of a men's belt, it is enough to follow simple recommendations. Add two units to your waist measurement in inches. For a 34-inch waist, it is best to choose a belt length within 36 inches. This rule is suitable for those who prefer to buy belts for jeans and trousers in online stores where the American sizing system applies.

If you came to buy an accessory in a regular store, you can find out the size of a men's belt as follows: multiply the waist circumference by 2.54 to convert inches into the usual centimeters. As a rule, for size 38 it is better to buy a belt with a length of 95 cm.

When choosing a good belt, it is important to consider the length of the tail. For a product in a traditional, classic style, this is no longer than the thumb; for a casual style, a longer tail is allowed. In both cases, the free tail should reach the second loop.

How to wear a men's belt


It is important to remember two rules. Belt and suspenders are mutually exclusive accessories. You can not combine these two details in one image. And you don’t need to perceive the label on jeans as a loose loop.

The most versatile option is a leather belt. A textile belt is appropriate for chinos or cargo. Accessories made of exotic leathers and bright colors can accentuate unnecessary attention around the waist. Plus size leather belts for men should be neutral tones and simple from a design point of view. If you are fully satisfied with your appearance, for a casual look, choose belts of bright colors, interesting textures, with original buckles.

If your choice is a woven texture, remember that this is a fairly versatile accessory, but only for casual wear. Formal costumes are lost against the backdrop of a bright belt. But suede products are suitable for any style of clothing, but the main thing is to choose shoes that also match suede.

The right choice of belt involves a harmonious combination of the shade of the buckle and additional decorations. The only exception is the engagement ring. In an ideal image, the texture of the belt is combined with the texture of the watch strap, the shade of the buckle with the shade of the dial.

If your image must comply with a strict dress code, it is better that the tone of the belt is in harmony with the tone of the shoes.

A great addition to black classic boots is a black leather belt. For everyday style, thecombination of the color of shoes and accessories is not mandatory, but you should not forget about harmony, it’s good if the belt and accessories are in the same color scheme.

If matte leather shoes predominate in your wardrobe, belts should also be matte, respectively, glossy products are harmoniously combined with glossy shoes.

It is better for men of short stature to avoid pronounced horizontal stripes in the image, which is why it is better to choose a belt for trousers in the same color scheme.

Many men are afraid to choose a narrow belt for jeans and trousers with wide belt loops. Such an image is allowed if it contains details of the appropriate width - narrow lapels on a jacket, shoes with narrow capes, a narrow tie.

Optimal belt sizes for men. Width approximately 5 cm, narrower products are appropriate for teenagers. The belt should comfortably wrap around the waist, it is good if there is a free edge of 20 cm. The accessory of the correct size is fastened into the middle hole, while several spare holes should remain. If it was not possible to choose a belt for trousers of the right size, you can buy a longer product and shorten it, often in specialized stores they provide such a service.

A few words about the storage of men's belts

It is necessary not only to correctly choose a men's belt for jeans or trousers, but also to properly care for the accessory.

If you wear a genuine leather belt regularly, characteristic dents and scuffs may appear on it. To avoid this, it is enough to periodically arrange a “vacation” for him - just hang the belt in the closet in a straightened form for a while, or you can roll the product into a ring and put it in a drawer.

You can not use a plastic bag to store the belt; free access of air is important for the accessory.

When applying perfume, avoid getting the product on the belt, otherwise it may stain. Do not wet the accessory, this will lead to its deformation.

To clean the belt from stains or dirt, it is best to use special leather care products or wipe the product with soapy water

Summing up

It is generally accepted that the belt plays a secondary role in the image of a man. Many men believe that this accessory performs the only function - it provides comfortable wearing of trousers or jeans and there is no need to waste time choosing a belt and combining it with other details of the image.

Nevertheless, the variety of colors and textures of men's belts allow you to experiment, show your imagination, choose belts for different looks and styles. Having figured out how to choose a men's belt , you can solve the issue of functionality and comfort, as well as diversify your image.








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