Men's Belt Shopping Guide : From Size, Material To Buckle

Men's Belt Shopping Guide : From Size, Material To Buckle

Many years ago, there was a domestic movie. The male protagonist said: "There are three treasures in a man's pocket, a lighter, a watch, and a shaver." At that time, a man who possessed these "three treasures" was a symbol of his identity and taste. . In the 1990s, the three treasures of men became "cigars, business cards, and big brothers."

Today, Hua Xiaobian believes that "watches, belts, wallets" have become the new men's three treasures. Today, this article will talk about one of the three treasures for value friends-how to choose a men's belt?

Belt size

If you want to choose the belt you like, value friends first need to determine the size of the belt by waist circumference. The following are two ways to determine the waist circumference, you can refer to it~

One is to look at the labels of the pants you often wear to determine your waist size. If you find 30x32 inches, then 30 inches is your waist circumference.

The second is to use a tape measure to directly measure the waist circumference, place the tape measure a little below the navel (the upper edge of the belt), the cross section of the tape measure reads the measurement result is the waist circumference, one foot is equal to 33.33 inside~

Waist circumference 2.1-2.3 feet, optional belt length (including belt head) about 100-105CM;

Waist circumference 2.4-2.5 feet, optional belt length (including belt head) about 108-113CM;

Waist circumference 2.6-2.8 feet, optional belt length (including belt head) about 115-118CM;

The waist circumference is 2.9-3.1 feet, and the total length of the optional belt (including the belt head) is more than 120CM.

Material of the belt

The material of the belt is nothing more than cloth, artificial leather, first layer leather and second layer leather. The first layer leather is divided into pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin and so on.

1. Cloth belt: It is made of woven fabrics, with low cost, diversified colors and textures, and youthful and casual styles~

Advantages of cloth belts: cloth belts have more colors and fancy styles, and they are also rich in styles. Generally speaking, they will be more decorative, and many cloth belts do not require perforations, so they are very convenient to wear. In addition to the one above, Hua Xiaobian thinks that the simple black canvas belt is also more everyday, and it matches well~

Disadvantages of cloth belts: The wear resistance of cloth belts is generally poor, and it will produce burrs, yarn breakage, yellowing and old, etc. after a long time, and it is not suitable for formal occasions.

2. Artificial leather belt: Artificial leather is a kind of leather-like material. It is usually made of fabric as the base, and then plasticized and embossed with resin mixture film or coating.

The advantages of artificial leather belts: artificial leather belts are generally bright in color, low in price, smooth in skin, good in gloss and mirror effect, and are more recognized by fashion people. The artificial leather belt with navy color recommended by the editor above is great, and it has a stronger sense of fashion than ordinary belts.

Disadvantages of artificial leather belts: easy to become brittle, hard, crack, and have a short service life.

3. Two-layer leather belt: The two-layer leather belt refers to the fiber layer under the separated skin layer and covered with a layer of artificial film to achieve a leather-like effect. It is a combination of artificial leather and two-layer leather.

Advantages of two-layer leather belts: the color is bright and the texture is uniform. Compared with the first layer leather, the cost of the two-layer leather belt is much lower, and the defective rate will be reduced, so it is more cost-effective to buy.

Disadvantages of two-layer leather belts: air permeability and fit are not so good. Wearing in summer, the air permeability is not good enough, and it is easy to accumulate sweat.

4. First-layer leather belt: The first-layer leather belt is made of the first-layer leather that is connected to the skin layer, which is also called pure leather belt. The first layer of skin is divided into pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin and crocodile skin.

Pig leather is thin, soft, poorly resistant to dirt, and has strong air permeability;

Cow leather has good toughness, good hand feeling, very high grade, strong and durable;

Sheep leather is fine, soft, light and thin, with good air permeability and good elasticity;

Crocodile leather usually requires the "sacrifice" of more than one crocodile to make a leather belt, and the price is extremely high.

I have a fixed preference for my own dress and match, pursue texture and nourish feelings with material. The first layer belt is naturally the best choice. A series of physical changes caused by the belt's frequent contact with body fat will make the belt more shiny. Form your own belt color.

Disadvantages of first-layer leather belts: The first-layer leather belts also have shortcomings. Natural leather naturally leaves traces such as scars, skin spots and other natural defects, so it also causes the inevitable high loss of leather, which also makes the first-layer leather The price of the belt is a bit more expensive.

When choosing a belt, value friends should also pay attention to the color of the belt should be consistent with the color of the shoes you wear most often. Of course, you can also consider matching the color of the belt buckle with the metal color of the watch to make the overall shape more divided.

Types of belt buckles

Automatic buckle belt: Automatic buckle belt is very convenient in use, so many people like to use automatic buckle belt. Most people think that the plastic teeth of automatic buckle belts are too low-grade, not durable and easy to wear, so they don't like to use them. But Hua Xiaobian feels that convenience and low prices are also one of its advantages, and it is also good to buy from friends who like it.

Pin buckle belt: Pin buckle belt is the most common belt for wearing suits in formal occasions. An important reason is that the automatic buckle trademark is generally too obvious, which is more taboo for formal wear. Relatively speaking, the logo of the pin buckle belt is much smaller and more simple and formal.

Plate buckle belt: The plate buckle belt has many similarities with the automatic buckle belt in appearance. However, in the closed mode, the buckle belt is closed by inserting the buckle nail on the buckle into the belt hole. It is also quite convenient to use, and it is more used in casual occasions.
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