The Importance Of Belts For Men Knowledge Sharing

The Importance Of Belts For Men Knowledge Sharing

It is often said that there are three treasures that can reflect the masculine temperament, watches, leather shoes, and belts. See the importance of belts for men. Of course I heard it later. There are many different versions, but a belt is indispensable for each version.

Men's belts are like women's lipsticks. Nowadays, many women give gifts to men by sending belts and belts have many meanings.

The waist is the golden ratio of a person, and a person's figure is largely determined by the position of the golden ratio of the person. Men's figures are generally "inverted triangle" shape. This feature determines that men's waist attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, the decoration of the waist becomes indispensable. This decoration was called a belt in ancient times and is now called a belt. Men who tend to be steady and personable will always deliberately decorate this detail around the waist. The embossing and texture on the belt can make a man look more stable and capable, and a man with an extraordinary temperament will wear a suitable belt, which will make people feel that the belt is integrated with the person and complements each other.

The thick-lined denim belts and woven leather belts all reflect the extraordinary masculinity. The frosted belt around a man's waist allows people to experience the fine beauty in a rough and unrestrained manner; the cracked crocodile pattern belt in patent leather gives a man an infinite aftertaste while showing elegance.

Belts are optional for women. For women, belts are more needed; but for men, it is simply unimaginable without a belt. It is very rare for a slightly more demanding man to have only one belt. It is said that a man needs 8 shirts, 6 ties, and 4 belts. Perhaps one day in the future, belts and ties will become men’s patents. At that time it will represent the identity, taste and personality of a man.

The changes in belt trends are largely accomplished by hooks and buckles. The shape, size and style of the hooks also show the charm of men. The pure gold hook buckle shows nobleness; the copper hook buckle shows the calmness and strength of a man; the wide "back"-shaped buckle fully shows the fortitude of a man; the oval buckle shows the maturity of a man; the square represents Men's good conduct.

The classic man is steady, calm and reserved, while the classic belt is simple, elegant and tough. For example, the combination of a classic black belt and silver-white buckle can easily show a man's concise and clear qualities.

Mature men will choose to buy branded belts. A good belt brand can add icing on the cake and make men more temperamental.
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