Three Tips To Choosing The Perfect Belt Size

Three Tips To Choosing The Perfect Belt Size

Before shopping for belt size, especially if you’re buying online, Finding the right belt size is often tricky, and confusing. So, with a little measuring and the right size chart, you can make sure your purchase fits perfectly.

Understanding Belt Sizing

Although it seems like your belt size should be the same as your pants size, this isn’t the case. Keep these important facts in mind as you shop:

Because you need extra material to go over your clothing and have a small amount of the belt leftover, belts are typically two inches larger than your waist or hip size.

Belts are sized to the middle hole, and there are usually five holes on a belt. This means that you have quite a bit of flexibility regarding the size you purchase.

Three Tips To Choosing The Perfect Belt Size

  1. Measuring Your Existing Belts

Using an exist belt which a well-fitting, it can be an easy and effective way to find your size.

Lay your belt on a clean, flat surface, making sure the buckle isn’t folded. Adjust the direction of the belt so that the buckle is on the left size. With your measuring tape, measure from the hole you use to the buckle. Belts are measured in inches and you should round to the nearest inch. Purchase a belt that is his same length or slightly longer.

  1. Measuring Yourself

Measuring your own waist or hip circumference is the most accurate way to find your belt size. 

1.Take a flexible measuring tape and pass it through the belt loops like a belt. Make sure you put the tape measure at the height of your waist or hips where you plan to wear the new belt.

2.Pay attention to your waist/hip circumference.  Add two inches to this measurement to determine the size of your belt.

  1. Using Pants Size

An easy way to determine the belt size for you, find a belt that is 2-3 inches larger than your pants size since the belt are used around the pants and not the waist. For example, if you wear 36-inch waist pants, a size 38 belt will be a safe choice. Most people will find that this simple formula is best for pants worn at a traditional height-close to a natural waist. For a belt with low-rise pants or jeans, consider adding 3 or 4 to your pants size.

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