Women Belts

Women Belts Shopping Guide

Women belts can adjust female body proportions and reflect personal taste and connotation.

How to choose women belts? Let's start with the length, width, material, buckles and color of the belt.

Length: Too long or too short is not suitable. Too long seems procrastinated, and too short appears cramped. There are two methods to measure belt length. The waist size can be the size of the optional belt. It is best to increase the width of the two index fingers to reserve a certain amount of space for the clothes.

Width: Some women's belts are wide, about 3.8cm; some are very thin, only about 2.2cm. The thinner will look refined and elegant. The wide ones appear generously stretched. I recommend that you can buy a width of about 2.5cm.

Material: The main material of the belt is the first layer of cowhide, the second layer of cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile leather, PU artificial leather, canvas, etc. I generally recommend buying a leather belt with the top layer of cowhide, which is highly flexible and durable. The second-layer cowhide belongs to the scraps of cowhide, and the texture and service life are naturally not as good as the first-layer cowhide. Sheepskin is soft and comfortable and is mainly used to make some high-end leather goods. Because of the scarcity of production, the price of crocodile skin is naturally high. The advantage is that the more it is used, the brighter and smoother it is. The quality of PU artificial leather is poor. PU will break in a short time. The canvas is very relaxed and natural, full of literary style, suitable for campus wear.

Buckle: The main styles are pin buckle, plate buckle, and automatic buckle. The materials are zinc alloy, copper buckle, stainless, iron, tin alloy, etc.Women Belts

Color: black all-match, brown, wise and capable. Other colors are youthful and vigorous.

Shopping Channel of Women Belts

1.Belt counters

Advantages: able to experience the fun of shopping and experience the touch in person.

Disadvantages: For the same thing, the price of general counters is higher, and the time cost is more.

2.Online shopping

Advantages: It is not restricted by time and place, you can buy it whenever you want. You can hold the belt that you want without leaving the house. The price is also more reasonable, more convenient to compare the prices of different stores.

Disadvantages: less shopping experience.


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