How To Tell Belt Material : Top-Grain Leather & Geunine Leather

How To Tell Belt Material : Top-Grain Leather & Geunine Leather

Q : What is cow leather? What is the difference between cowhide and cowhide?

Cowhide generally refers to raw cowhide that is peeled off from the cow without physical or chemical processing such as dehairing and tanning. The raw cowhide is the denatured and non-perishable animal skin obtained through physical and chemical processing such as dehairing and tanning. After modification and finishing, the material made is the finished leather, also known as cow leather.

The cow leather used in the belt itself represents pure cowhide, and there is no truth or falsehood. The surface of the cow leather has a special grain layer with natural grain and luster, comfortable hand feeling, strong plasticity and air permeability, and easy to maintain.

Q: What is two-layer cowhide? What is the difference between the first layer of cowhide and the second layer of cowhide?

In order to improve the utilization of leather in the production process, cowhide raw materials are usually cut and peeled horizontally, and are divided into first-layer cowhide and second-layer cowhide.
Two-layer cowhide also includes real two-layer cowhide and composite cowhide. Real two-layer cowhide and first-layer cowhide are bovine skins, with tight fiber structure, good strength, elasticity and process plasticity.
Composite cowhide is also called film cowhide. It is made by smashing the leftovers of the first layer of cowhide and the real two-layer cowhide and then adding polyethylene material to reattach it.
The first layer of cowhide is cow skin, with original skin characteristics on the surface, clear pores and skin texture, composed of a dense and thin fiber layer and a slightly loose transition layer closely connected to it.
As a natural leather, it is the best choice. It can be made into various styles and styles. It has good toughness, high-end, firmness and strength, but the price is more expensive than the two-layer leather.

Q: What material is super fiber? Which is better than cowhide?

The non-woven fabric with a three-dimensional structure network is produced by carding and needle punching, and then subjected to wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali weight reduction, skinning, dyeing and finishing and other processes to finally make super fiber leather, which is super fiber.
We are relatively unfamiliar with the name of super fiber compared to cowhide, but in our lives, this new type of material is no stranger at all, because it combines the advantages of natural leather, it is lighter, stronger and more beautiful than cowhide. Super fiber In the fashion circle, it is highly respected and favored by big brands such as LV, GUCCI, NIKE, ADIDAS, and has become the preferred material for many fashionable belts and belts.
The service life of super fiber can be as long as 10 years, and the more it is worn, the brighter it is, so the quality and price are higher than ordinary cowhide.

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