Men's Belts: The Gentleman's Way Of Winning In Details

Men's Belts: The Gentleman's Way Of Winning In Details

Men's belts are an important role in men's wear. The choice of belts shows a person's taste and temperament in the details. To win with details, you not only need to choose a men's belt that suits you, but also learn to match it so that the belt becomes part of the overall dress style.

At the just-concluded Hermès Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Men's Show, the designer used brighter colors with a variety of materials to make Hermès more sporty and energetic. The use of men's belts is not overstated and has unique brand charm. Young elements have been added in one season. Let's learn how to choose and match belts with Hermes, so that the dual charm of street and elegance can coexist.

What kind of men's belt can be tied for a lifetime?

If you want a belt to be tied for a lifetime, you must choose a good material, so that leather belts can withstand the test of time. After the leather is bent hard, there will be no obvious crease, while the imitation leather does not have this effect and is easy to wear. Hermès, who started as a harness, can be said to be a leather expert. All leather raw materials are stored in a closed, constant temperature warehouse to ensure the high quality of the leather. Hermès men's belts are made of the finest genuine leather. Togo, Epsom and Box Calf are the main materials of the belt. The mixed style of leather makes the belt more textured.

The craftsmanship of men's belts determines whether it can be passed on for a long time. Hermès's exquisite and elegant reputation comes from its centuries-old handicrafts. Except for the tail, the rest of the belt is sewn with pure handmade saddle stitches. The craftsmanship requires 3 stitches per centimeter. Needle method is determined by repeatedly weighing two aspects of beauty and durability. The edge of the belt must be coated with beeswax on the twine before the stitching. After this process, the edge will be bonded more firmly. Even if the belt is old, the stitches will not jump out after a series of wear.

How to match men's belts for different occasions?

Business occasion

The men's belt width for business formal wear is the best ratio of 2.5 to 3.5 cm. The color is mainly brown or black, and it must be matched with leather shoes of the same color to keep the overall dress consistent, appear low-key and calm, and have a gentleman. tolerance.

Casual occasions

Casual belts have more choices in colors and widths. There is no need to create a sense of formality. Brown, red, and blue can be boldly played. Choose the thickness of the belt according to your dress. Hermès two-tone belt is not only casual, but also makes your collocation casual and natural.

No matter what the occasion, no matter what style of style you are, more or less revealing the men's belt can show masculinity. If you are wearing a shirt alone, tuck the hem of the shirt into your trousers, so that the steadiness will come out. If you want to look less serious, you can only tie half of it.

When the belt is matched with a T-shirt, the length of the T-shirt must not be too long. It is best to expose a little belt. If the T-shirt is a little longer, put half of it in the pants, which looks casual and can show the waistline. If you want to create a tough guy style, you can choose a slightly thicker black belt, which will never grab the wind while continuing the tough style.

How to maintain men's belts?

Usually when you don't need to use the belt, you must keep it properly to avoid damp and mildew. When cleaning men’s belts, it’s best to use a soft flannel to wipe. If the belt is accidentally stained with stains or rain, don’t wipe it directly with water or gasoline. The correct way is to dry it immediately with a soft towel, so as to avoid the leather. Surface damage and wrinkles. The wiped belt should be placed in a ventilated environment, and then stored in a dry and uncluttered space after natural air drying.
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