Women Belts Types and Styles

Women Belts Types and Styles

A belt is not only an important accessory for a woman's wardrobe that can add a special charm. It is also an effective way of body shaping. In this article, we will talk about the types of women belts, women belts manufacturing materials, and women’s belts styles.


There are many types of belts, each of which fulfills its functions in terms of body shaping and is the optimal choice for a particular style. Fortunately, modern fashion no longer imposes strict requirements on women regarding the width, color, and design of this accessory.

Products are classified according to the following criteria:

  • in width;
  • by the material;
  • by buckle type;
  • by design.

An incorrect selection of an accessory can significantly damage any appearance. To avoid this, you need to be well versed in this problem. And above all, know which belt to choose based on your physique and the clothes with which you are going to wear it.


The width of the belts:

  • narrow (thin) - no more than 2.5 cm wide;
  • medium (classic) - from 2.5 to 5 cm in width, manufacturers recommend matching them with pants, and from 3.5 to 5 cm - with jeans; however, this is not a strict requirement and you can choose what you want to match them with;
  • wide - from 5 to 9 cm;

The width of the belt also depends on the characteristics of the person's physique. Therefore, before choosing the size of the belt in width, decide what type of figure you are. When choosing an accessory, you should first start with this.


Initially, the buckle was designed to adjust the size of the belt and fix the accessory within it. However, over time, this function was partially eliminated, and today buckles have decorative functions.

Modern designers equip belts with classic metal elements and large leather, wood, or plastic accessories. The former can be used in combination with business or office-style sets. The latter is intended to be used in freer and more relaxed ways.

Buckles can be very diverse in shape. Classic rectangular or square, round, oval. There are more complex designs, for example, in the form of plants or animals.

Casual styles are usually laconic in design without any decoration. Casual styles can be decorated with rhinestones, enamel, patterns. Whether this type of belt can be worn to work depends on your dress and activity.

Buckles made in the form of the manufacturer's brand logo will add chic and emphasize the status of their owner. Today on the Internet you can find a series of articles on how to wear a belt with the brand name belt in fashion. Everything is simple: the brighter the design of the accessory, the simpler the rest of the garment should be.

If you want to add vividness and originality to your appearance, choose models of belts with asymmetric fasteners. You can use this element with jeans and classic pants. They can also perfectly decorate and pair with skirts.


As for the material, manufacturers offer a wide range of options for women. Below we will talk about the most common options. We will also touch on some nuances of their choice.


This type includes products made from natural raw materials and all kinds of artificial analogs. These can be various textures of leather, suede, nubuck, eco-leather (pressed leather and polyurethane), or leatherette, including artificial suede. The features of the operation of each of these varieties must be considered when deciding which belt to choose.

For example, an accessory made of natural materials is more expensive and lasts longer than its artificial counterparts. Leather belts can be embossed or smooth, imitating the texture of reptile skin. You can find options made in weaving, decorated with embroidery and metal details, decorated with a print, including an animal print.

Artificial suede is somewhat superior to leatherette in terms of abrasion resistance. Suede has an uneven texture and is very comfortable to the touch. It will change color if you run your hand over it. Suede belts retain traces of creases, so they should not be folded during storage.

If you have purchased a suede belt, decide what to wear it with, guided by the general rules.


There are cotton, thread (braided or knitted from thread or yarn), made of polyester or wool varieties of belts.

Natural fabrics get dirty quickly and are quite demanding to care for. For example, textiles require ironing. And cotton from washing at high temperatures can shed and shrink, that is, decrease in size.

Denim last longer but are very selective in terms of style. This means that you will rarely take it out of your wardrobe when choosing which belt to wear in a particular arrangement.


The most common variations of metal products are made in the form of a chain or several, sometimes intertwined with each other. They can be very thin and more eye-catching. This product allows you to adjust the length and can be located at the waist and the hips.

Women belts

Modern technologies make it possible to manufacture belts from completely different materials. Especially from various polymers, such as polyamide, polyester, polyurethane. Thanks to this, today this wardrobe item can be made in a wide range of colors, have a metallic sheen, or be transparent.


According to the approach to design, belts are traditionally divided into classic, informal,and universal. The classic ones fit perfectly into any interpretation of the official style, as well as in an elegant direction. They are characterized by the following features: neutral color, medium width, small buckle, lack of decor. Leather or its substitute is used as a material.


Bohemia belts involve decor with stones, including natural ones, the use of weaving and metal parts, a large buckle. Handmade elements are often used (embroidery, knitting, fringes, and others).



The cowboy-style is leather and its imitations. This design is characterized by a scuff effect, a brown scale, and the use of many metal elements. Embossing is quite common. Buckles can be either large or graceful, but they are usually made of metal. A drawing is usually embossed on them.


Ethnic style includes Greek, Indian belts, Obi. Each has its unique design. So you must know how to wear this type of belt correctly.

The Greek style is characterized by the active use of elegant decor in the form of beads, horns, or weaving. Such accessories usually imitate gold, silver, or leather. The Indian belts look luxurious and magnificent, decorated with embroidery, including gold threads and stones.


Obi is from Japan. Today, little remains of the traditional kimono-tying belt. The modern modification is a wide base with narrow strings that are formed into decorative knots. The waistband can have different lengths, including traditionally wrapped around the waist several times.

Obi can be easily fitted into completely different styles and perfectly with a wide variety of wardrobe items. Such a product can be combined with a skirt or pants, hiding the line of the joint with a blouse or shirt and fixing them. A good solution is to combine it with outerwear, for example, a coat, jacket, or even a fur coat.


Sports belts are usually made of elastic material, fabric, rubberized textiles. It may contain inscriptions and is usually presented in bright colors, although this is not a strict rule. Sometimes they use rings instead of a buckle. An example is the popular Off-White product - a long belt with the brand's signature lettering.

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