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Men Geniune Cowhide Leather Belt Automatic Buckle

Men Geniune Cowhide Leather Belt Automatic Buckle

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Belt Length

Item: dress belts men


Material: Top-layer cowhide leather 

Buckle: Automatic buckle

Belt width: 2-4 cm


These belts are made with premium leather. This leather is developed such it doesn't wrinkle or crack.

There are very fine patterns embossed on leather using Asia technology.

These patterns give every belt a singular look and finishing.

The belt are often used on each side by an easy twist of buckle..

Very suitable for formal office wear and with evening suits and jackets.


Available sizes are from 110cm-130cm

Width of belt is 35mm


Made of Premium quality cowhide genuine leather.

Durable metal alloy buckle 


BeltBuy promise to supply premium quality products at reasonable prices. The buckle of belt is roofed by 30 days warranty. If you've got any problems , don't hesitate to reachout us


Paypal and credit card ( Visa, Mastercard ect) are all aceepeted

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What kind of leather is this belt made from?

Our men leather belt is made using Full-grain leather, the strongest and most durable type. It will develop a beautiful patina over time while women belt is made using high quality leather. And tactical belt is made using high-density nylon webbing.

2.Is this belt stitched or glued?

Yes the belts we sell are stitched. It comes a bit longer life span. The belts that using glued cannot keep a long life.

3.What type of buckle does this belt have? Is it guaranteed not to rust or tarnish?

The buckle is made using alloy metal that can prevent rust.It will maintain its shine for years to come.

4.What width belt is best for my pants loops and the look I'm going for?

A 1.25-inch belt is a classic choice that goes well with most pants styles. A 1.5-inch belt can add a bolder look, while a narrower belt works best for dress pants.

5.Can this belt be dressed up or down?

Yes, if you wear Jeans. It can be dressed up for work or dressed down for casual wear.

6. How do I determine the right belt size for me?

To find the perfect size, you need measure your waist first. Also you can measure the existing belt that fits you well from the buckle end to the hole you typically use.

7. Does this belt come with a warranty?

Yes, we have 30-day money back warranty policy. You can buy with confidence

8.How do I care for this belt to ensure it lasts?

With proper care, this belt will last for months,even a year. We recommend using a leather conditioner occasionally to keep and store it roll up when not in use.

9. Is this belt worth the price?

While the initial cost may be higher than a lesser-quality belt on eBay, the better quality materials, construction, and expected lifespan make this a worthwhile investment.

10. What is the durability of slide belt and tactical belt?

The slide belt buckle has passed stress tests while the tactical belt has passed weight capacity tests.

How to Make a Leather Belt