What Kind of Belt Material is Good? There Are Several Kinds of Buckles

What Kind of Belt Material is Good? There Are Several Kinds of Buckles

The prices of good brands of belts are expensive, especially for the more famous luxury brands. So what material is the belt? How many kinds of buckles are there?

What material is good for the belt:

1. Cowhide

Cow leather products have a stiff and superior texture. The embossing and natural texture effect on the belt make the belt more attractive. Coupled with the excellent toughness, sturdiness and durability of the cowhide, the price of the cowhide belt is relatively expensive. Expensive first-layer cowhide is usually used to make business apparel belts; second-layer cowhide is relatively inexpensive and is generally used to make casual belts. The disadvantage of two-layer cowhide is that it is easy to fade, especially in summer when there is a lot of sweat. It is not recommended to use two-layer cowhide belts when wearing light-colored clothes.

2. Sheepskin

Sheepskin is more flexible and lighter after being stripped and layered. The belt made of it has beautiful texture, soft and natural luster. The toughness of sheepskin belts is worse than that of cowhide. Belts made of sheepskin are far less than crocodile skin and cowhide belt After exercises, it is generally used to make products such as wallets and gloves with delicate touch.

3. Pigskin

The pores on the surface of pig leather are round and thick, and the three are arranged side by side in a group, arranged in a triangle, each group is far apart, the leather surface is uneven, and the hand feels hard and rough. Even after polishing, it can be recognized. In addition, the thickness of the cortex of each part of the whole pig is quite different, and it is not low cost to make a belt with excellent appearance. Perhaps due to cultural differences, pigskin has a fairly ordinary status in the celestial dynasty, but in the eyes of Europeans and Americans, pigskin products are cost-effective and quite popular.

4. PU

PU is commonly referred to as artificial leather. It is one of the common belt materials. Its biggest advantage is its low price, bright colors and various styles, but the toughness of the leather is extremely poor. A PU belt may only use 2 Month to 3 months.

There are several types of buckles for belts:

Belt buckle, also known as belt head or belt buckle head, is a hardware accessory at the front of the belt, used to decorate and fix the entire belt. Changes in belt trends are largely caused by hooks and buckles. The shape and size of the hook and buckle also show the charm of men, the pin buckle belt shows the fashion and masculinity of men, and the buckle shows the calmness and roughness of men.

Pin buckle: Divided into five categories: single pin buckle, double pin buckle, Japanese-style buckle, plate buckle, and automatic buckle.

Single-pin buckle: Black, maroon, brown, and brown single-pin buckle belts are stress-free when paired with formal wear, and you can enjoy casual occasions.

Double pin buckle: The belt has a more casual meaning, unless the color is particularly calm (such as black), it is generally not recommended to match the double pin buckle belt with formal wear.

Buckle: The belt buckle material has a strong atmosphere of local tyrants, especially those golden buckles, which are favored by middle-aged uncles.

Automatic buckle: There is no hole in the belt. The teeth of the car are behind the belt. It makes a bang when you pull it. The length is easy to adjust. You can say that the automatic buckle is convenient, but like a quartz watch and a mechanical watch, the automatic buckle is a quartz watch in the belt world. With the automatic deduction, a copycat breath came over. No matter how good your suit and leather shoes are, just use the automatic button to instantly destroy the whole body image. In addition, such a belt has faster wear of the tooth surface, and a belt can be used for about 3 months.

Okay, my friend knows what the material of the belt is.
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